Лена Сквоттер и парагон возмездия

Брат дал полистать книгу Леонида Каганова.... Что бросилось в глаза - Гарри Поттер, Таня Гроттер, Лена Сквоттер....

Начиная от названия, книга пестрит кучей ангельских слов, судя по всему, значения части которых можно понять, только неплохо владея английским языком.


Парагон - Шрифт = 20 пунктов = 7,52 мм


1. Бриллиант или другой драгоценный камень без изъянов.

Новый словарь русского языка. Толково-словообразовательный.
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    * Paragon, Indiana, a town in the United States
    * The Paragon, Singapore, a shopping mall
    * Siam Paragon, a shopping complex in Bangkok, Thailand
    * McLaren Technology Centre, formerly called the Paragon Technology Centre
    * A housing site at Thames Valley University
    * Hull Paragon Interchange, a railway station and transportation complex in Kingston upon Hull, England.
    * The Paragon, Bath, a Georgian street in the Walcot area of Bath

    * Paragon China, a British manufacturer of bone china
    * Paragon Vision Sciences, a contact lens manufacturer
    * Paragon Software, a computer game company founded in 1987
    * Paragon Application Systems, a software company in the EFT industry, founded in 1994
    * Paragon Software Group
    * Paragon Footwear, India's largest footwear company
    * Paragon Space Development Corporation

Media and entertainment
* John Paragon, actor, writer, and director
* Paragon (band), a heavy metal band from Germany
* Paragon (comics), a fictional character in the video game Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects
    * Paragon City, a fictional city in the computer game City of Heroes
    * Paragon is a character class in the ArenaNet MMORPG "Guild Wars".
    * Paragon cymbals are a line of cymbals made by Sabian, designed specifically for drummer Neil Peart.
    * Paragons of Orzammar are the most talented and important individuals of the dwarven culture in the video game Dragon Age: Origins
    * In the game series Mass Effect, the player can choose actions that will earn either paragon or renegade points.

    * Paragon SWP, a computer gaming terminal
    * Intel Paragon, a series of massively parallel supercomputers

    * Paragon CRT, a method of corneal refraction developed by Paragon Vision Sciences
    * HMS Paragon, the name of two ships of the Royal Navy
    * Paragon (diamond), large, flawless diamond

Сквоттер, насколько я понял, тоже можно перевести очень по разному... и вроде не всегда цензурно...